4 extra benefits you get when you hire vehicle insurance

In Peru, although the level of penetration of vehicle insurance is not very high, the supply of insurers is varied, which means that drivers have many options to choose from. For their part, companies seek to capture as many customers as possible, so choose to differentiate and offer promotions, discounts and most importantly, fill their policies with different benefits to achieve preference in the sector.

This only ends up benefiting users, since for the price you would regularly pay for your policy, you get different items that you can use at different times. Here are some of the most prominent benefits:

Replacement driver

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In case you can’t drive, the insurer sends a driver to drive your car and take you home. Depending on the entity you choose, this service may have certain limitations.

DSERs free: Most insurers offer to give you the DSERs free for the purchase of the policy, so that it already represents a considerable saving.

Vehicle evaluation: Your car is checked so you can know what are the points to correct before going through the technical review and thus save time and money. The security level of the area where it is located, the proximity to supermarkets or shopping centers, surrounding green areas, etc. In addition to this, you can take advantage to buy in plans, that is, before the property is built, which generates extra savings.

Interest-free financing 

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In some cases, interest-free installment financing is offered, so that there is no impediment in contracting insurance. There are many more benefits and those that come with your policy will depend on the option you choose. That is why before hiring, it is recommended to compare the options. Check the conditions, prices and of course, all the extra benefits they offer. To make the task easier, use web comparators like Oriendo Zorins.